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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I send my reel in, how long will it take to get it back.

A. About 4 weeks.  WE HAVE A NEW ADDRESS, 284 Noble Circle. Vernon Hills, IL 60061

A. Expedited requests, add $15.00 per reel, call to confirm.

Q. I sent in a reel,  I want an update? 

A. Please don't hesitate to ask.  Email or text -847-549-7170

Q. Does Dave's Reel Service repair other brands besides ABU, Daiwa & Shimano?

A. Please email first for other broken brands.  I will clean any non -broken reel.

Q. Why should I get my reel cleaned ?

A. To protect your investment because your time on the water is most important.

Q. I own a Bass Pro reel that is broken, can you repair it.

A. I will clean any Johnny Morris reel that is not broken.  If its broke, please send it to Bass Pro.

Q. Will you clean my expensive Quantum reels?

A.  I will clean any Quantum reel that is not broken.  They are well made

Q. Will you clean/ service vintage Lew's casting reels

A. Yes, inquire first via text, email or call

Q. Will you clean/ service  / upgrade parts for 13 Fishing

A. Yes, inquire first....

Q. I stripped the internal threads on my reel, can it be fixed?

A. We have all the metric taps, metric screws and a milling machine in house.   

Q. Can you straighten a bent spool from a casting reel?

A. Yes, we have a lathe & dial indicator for alignment, in house. 

Q. Does Dave's Reel Service sell parts?

A.  We are not set up for general parts sales.  We do sell some power handles. 

Q. I took my reel apart and unable to get it back together, will you fix it ?

A. Yes, many reels come in a bag of parts.

Q. The drag "brake" on my reel slips.

A. If your using braided line it is probably not tight on the arbor of the spool. Needs tape or mono backing.

Q. Can you upgrade my drag washers on my musky/bass reel ?

A. Yes, we have carbon fiber washers.  You will love them!

Q. Why does my reel handle go backwards sometimes.

A. The one way roller bearing is worn.  We stock the part. Toro's also !!

Q. My reel feels smooth but is noisy, what is wrong?

A. Ball bearings get noisy from moisture and wear. We can replace the bad bearings.

Q. I own a Shimano Calcutta and used it extensively for 12 years, can you rebuild it with new gears and thumb bar?

A. Yes, it is very worth it and we stock the gears, thumb bars, level winds, etc...

Q. Can you rebuild  Shimano Casting reels that Shimano Corp. will not repair?

A. Yes, We overhaul all high end Shimano casting reels

Q. Do you repair Shimano Calais models?

A.  Yes, no matter what year it was made, I can rebuild it.  Don't throw it away.

Q. Do you repair Daiwa Fuego Spinning reels?  Shimano Stradic, Sustain & Stella spinning reels?

A. Yes, call for info

Q. My reel is now 3 years old and works fine, should I get it completely cleaned?

A.  Yes, it is now broken in, lets remove all the original dirty lubricants and start fresh for lasting performance.

Q. My reel is sluggish, has a feeling of resistance, is it wore out?

A.  It probably has old grease or to much grease & dirt,  complete cleaning is required.

Q.  My Calcutta musky reel has a single knob power handle and trips into gear upon casting

A.   Improved counter weights available on some models.  Call

Q. Do you stock a power handle for the new Calcutta D 400?

A. Yes , call me,  65.00

Q. Do you stock a power handle for the new Shimano Conquest?

A. Yes, 49.95 see power handle upgrade page.

Q. Do you charge for repair estimates?

A.  Send an email first with model & condition.  Assessments free, $14.00 shipping fee, if not repaired.

Q. I own a Shimano Conquest 1st Generation reel, can you repair it?

A. Yes, I know the reels inside and out, send it in.  All internal parts in stock.

Q. What is the all the hype with power handles on musky reels

A.  The power handles we sell offer extra leverage and comfort when pulling the big lures. 

Q. I tried to supertune my expensive reel and now it is worse. Can it be fixed?

A.  Supertuning is an "art" and our specialty.   Yes, it can be fixed.

Dave's Fishing Reel Repair Service

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