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About Us

About Dave's Fishing Reel Repair Service

Dave's Fishing Reel Repair ServiceMost respected reel repair in the Midwest !!

Looking for someone you can trust in getting your reel fixed?  You came to the right spot!

Dave Anderson has been repairing reels since 1967.   With over 40 years of exposure to the thousands of different models and changes in reels, Dave has seen it all.   Since we service over 1000 reels a year, you can trust us to get your reel repaired.

We strive to meet the needs of serious fishermen and their reels.   Reels today are far superior with the advent of CNC machinery and lightweight metals.   Disassembling, cleaning, and repairing those very expensive reels is no problem for us - getting them back together is a breeze!  

We are customer friendly, so please call or E-mail us with any questions regarding your reels.